Payment Network Solution
We offer a complete set of solutions for any payment acquirers who require a more secure and 'PCI-DSS-compliant' payment network.

N3NET Managed Networks

This is a completely hosted, adaptive, and secure payment network service that is operated and managed by GHL in order to provide nationwide coverage. Its communications backbone provides two levels of long distance communication redundancy for high reliability usage. It is fully EMV-compliant, supports multi-protocols and multiple types of payment applications, and offers built-in encryption security. In addition to that, N3Net delivers the capability for multiple companies or financial institutions to perform inter-business transactions with each other without the need to install additional infrastructure. 

NetAccess and NetSentinel

This solution comes with a diverse range of hardware and software products that when combined, can be configured to deliver a private payment network. The point-of-sale (POS) terminals do not necessarily need to be payment related but may include loyalty or other specialised applications. Thus, NetAccess and NetSentinnel Solution can provide a secure platform that will enable connectivity between the POS and client’s backend application servers. 

NetMATRIX Terminal Line Encryption (TLE)

The NetMATRIX Terminal Line Encryption (TLE) is the key for banks to include terminal line encryption into their existing POS network infrastructure. It is known to be a plug-and-play solution that requires no host changes, while providing critical capabilities such as remote key management. NetMATRIX also addresses other administration and deployment issues such as mixed terminal environments, phased deployments, and key changeovers. 



A next generation, terminal estate management system that enables operators to efficiently manage large estates of payment terminals for all stages of the terminal lifecycle, from deployment to remote software upgrades. From end-to-end security management to undertaking remote software updates, PosSentinel takes away the cost and complexity associated with managing download campaigns, data collection, and remote control. It simplifies the management and control of extensive terminal estates while providing the operator with full visibility of the terminal fleet.